The collage took me awhile to figure out (which sounds really weird as I write it).  I wasn’t really sure how to approach it – as a rule I have a hard time being serious about myself and sharing personal information.  So a collage which requires both does become a bit of a problem.  So here is an attempt at sharing.

I knew that I wanted an orchid to be a big big part of the collage – my first job was a a plant nursery (so aptly named Plant World) and spent a large portion of my the income on plants.  While I could never bring myself to buy an orchid (I am still dutch and cheap with a less then stellar green thumb) I always somewhat related to the plant.  My favorite part was the intricate roots and the environment they needed to thrive.  I resonated with these weird, high maintenance, heat-loving flowers. A few years later I got an orchid tattoo on my neck – a decsion made the night before.

AM I REALLY THAT BORING was a sign in a cafe by my friend’s house and I think it neatly sums up my deepest fear. My mother was always very focused on my sister and I being beautiful.  I will admit, we were pretty freakin cute kids – only 2 and 1/2 years apart, and she loved dressing us up in matching outfits.  But as we got older I resented it  and “rebelled” by wearing way too much eyeliner and not brushing my hair (good times).  In the end once I got over my deep seated fear of being ugly I realized that being boring was much scarier.
*The selfie collage incorporates all of my previous hair colours (blue, platinum blonde, pink, purple, green, black).  Note this definitely has nothing to do with my mother*

CRYBABY, SUPER DUPER & I’VE STOPPED CARING are all very much linked to me.  Crying has always been kind of a weird area for me. I was always very quick to tears growing up until some rather misguided counselling had me not really crying at all. A big shift for me was caring much less about how I was perceived and I think it has helped me with coming to terms with my emotions.  Now I try to be a genrally more positive person (although it still tends to at least somewhat sarcastic).

The albums along the side are ones I am listening to now, some of my personal favourites and some with special meanings and memories. I love music and have absolutely no ability to create it so listening to it, watching people perform, and talking about it is largely my domain. Many of the albums are also albums that I have been able to bond over with my sister. The prince tribute needs to no explanation for me #stillnotoverit.

THE LASTEST THING IN MONSTERS was mostly the best image I could find about being vegetarian (or mentioning it at least). But I am always amused by the way people react to vegetariansism (and even more so veganism). When you so much as mention being vegetarian people begin defending eating meat – as if I asked them about there apparent deep commitment to bacon.  I just want to eat a salad, I am not looking for a philisophical debate.  *the pizza in the corner represents an uncomfortable amount of my diet.*

MY IDOLS ARE DEAD AND MY ENEMIES ARE IN POWER felt like a pretty good description for 2016 (and still applies). HOWEVER no year is without its upsides and mine was a tiny black cat named Burnaby. I adopted her about 8 months ago during my summer job at the kitty cafe. After a prolonged stay at the cafe (people still hating on balck cats) she was uncomfortably tiny and had stress-related eye infections. Now she has fallen in love with my roommates’ cat and follows everyone around yelling at them until they pet and or  feed her. She is my tiny halloween cat and I can’t imagine my life without her.

The ‘gang’ dancing was meant to represent my love for not only Scooby-Doo but for cartoons in general.  Scooby-Doo was definetely one of the forst and largely sparked my interest in the first place. At the time it  was ideal – a dog, teens, and endless mysteries – perfect for young Olivia.  I still watch an amount of cartoons that borders on embarrassing and will watch pretty much anything animated – although my ideal has shifted more toward Rick and Morty or the adventure time episode with Donald Glover.


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